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Childhood Trauma!




Transformation Nation (T-Nation) is a Nonprofit organization- 501 © (3) founded to provide direct assistance to children ages 0 to 17 affected by trauma.  The goal of the nonprofit is to provide various resources and linkages needed to restore and improve the lives of those children and their families. 

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Annual fundraising events are the heart of T-Nations funding source. The fun and engaging ways we bring the community together is why so many look forward to our next amazing creation. Come on in and take a look!

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Partner Spotlight

Partnership Spotlight: ICE QUEENS Snowball Shop

This year's 2020 Partnership GlowUP Spotlight goes to   "Ice Queens Snowball Shop"! 

We want to recognize their commitment, dedication to  Baltimore's communities and encourage them to continue being a shining light for the City!


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2020 Spotlight!




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